Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV

blended training for an international development agency

Purpose & Role

This 8 week blended learning training aimed to equip nurses and midwives in Kampala, Uganda with the skills and knowledge to provide care and treatment to HIV-positive pregnant and lactating women as well as to their HIV exposed children. My responsibilities for this project included: designing and developing interactive content using Articulate Studio; coordinating face-to-face workshops; and facilitating assignments, assessments, and discussion forums through a Learning Management System powered by Moodle. My supervisors and coworkers provided subject matter expertise as well as facilitation support.


I developed this training based on the Uganda Ministry of Health Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Option B+ guidelines. Using Articulate Studio software, I synthesized information from the Ministry of Health guidelines with open source visuals to create standalone interactive, online educational modules. I embedded each module into an existing Learning Management System powered by Moodle and created case studies, exercises, and forums using the Learning Management System. Due to unreliable bandwidth in Kampala, we provided trainees with portable modems loaded with credit to access a 3G network and CDs containing offline versions of the content.

Since many trainees lacked computer experience, I coordinated a 2-day face-to-face orientation to introduce trainees to the interface. Following this orientation, trainees accessed 6 modules of digital, interactive content online. Despite computer literacy and bandwidth challenges, 9 out of 11 trainees passed the course. At the concluding 1-day face-to-face workshop, most trainees expressed enthusiasm for the digital format since it provided an opportunity to practice using a computer as well as flexibility to digest content when and where trainees pleased.

Participants and facilitators of the course at the end of the 1-day face-to-face conclusion workshop.