I'm an interaction designer with an inter-disciplinary background. From managing SMS services for medical lab technicians in Uganda to designing digital life skills trainings for hospitality employees around the world, I've honed my ability to creatively and collaboratively tackle design challenges for diverse populations. Through this breadth of experience, I have developed skills in exploratory, generative, and evaluative research; collaborative concept development; low and high fidelity prototyping; and leading iterative, feedback-driven development processes.

I have a BA in Peace and Conflict Studies with Honors from UC Berkeley, with a minor in Global Poverty and Practice. After graduating from UC Berkeley I became a Global Health Corps Fellow, placed in Kampala, Uganda, where I worked on transforming classroom trainings for healthcare workers into online and blended formats. While I was inspired by the positive reception to and demand for digital services during my fellowship, I also learned a lot about the importance of perspective and building relationships. As Director of Instructional Design at TechChange, I designed and developed online courses for a broader audience of international development agencies and practitioners worldwide. Over a period of several years, I built over 15 modules for thousands of learners. As I gained experience, I became increasingly fascinated with how to craft engaging and meaningful interactions on both a macro (course) and micro (click) level.

Currently, I'm pursuing an MA in Design at Carnegie Mellon University (expected graduation in May 2017), where I continue to immerse myself in designing macro- and micro-level interactions. I'm seeking a position as an interaction designer at a company that shares my value for creative collaboration and diverse perspectives.